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We, Latinos, Texans, with a deep love for our State, our Country, as well as our roots, fully embrace the spirit of this great Nation’s constitution as originally conceived by our founding fathers.

Disillusioned by the direction our country is taking, and convinced that the current political establishment has diverted from the concepts under which our Nation was established, we declare independence from the two-party system and intellectually and wholeheartedly align ourselves with the Libertarian Party of Texas, the only sensible solution to get our Lone Star State back on track.

We believe that the three pillars that set this Nation apart from the rest and will bring it back to its original greatness are: Constitutional Rights, Personal Responsibility and Small Government.

Texas Libertarios is comprised by Texan Hispanics from all across the State, from all walks of life, with diverse heritages – from multigenerational Tejanos to first generation citizens, who strive for a free and prosperous Nation.

Texas Libertarios are committed to making a difference in our State and our communities through

  • Encouraging voter registration and voter turnout
  • Community involvement/volunteering
  • Education on Freedom principles
  • Publication of Latino insights and perspectives on important Texas issues
  • Endorsement of Candidates who embrace Libertarian principles

For more information visit the Libertarian Party of Texas website.

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